August 8, 2011

Flying High in Star Land

Our athletes have done it! They shot for the moon and landed in another galaxy!

It started with 3 of our athletes being named Miss Majorette of Canada in their respective divisions - Sydney, Jenna, and Ashley. All 3 qualified to represent in pageant at AYOP along with other athletes who had qualified - Tanin, Megan W, and Megan C.

Our pre-teen duet of Megan C. & Megan W. represented in Grand Nationals in duet as well at the national championships and did a great job. Many of our other athletes took home gold, silver, and bronze medals in their individual events as well. Way to go girls!

We had a fantastic showing in team events as well. Every group routine had only a 1-drop performance. Our Mini Starstruck team challenged their big sisters by having a no drop, but of course their big sisters answered with a no drop performance themselves in Canadians!

During the Canadian Championships this year, some of our athletes also competed in World Team Trials and we are happy to say that our trial athletes were all successful in becoming members of Team Canada!

Sydney Ward is a member of the Canadian Juvenile Team and will compete in X-Strut, Solo, 2-Baton, and Rhythmic Twirl.

Megan Ward is a member of the Canadian Pre-Teen Team as an alternate in Solo and Rhythmic Twirl.

Stephanie Taylor is a member of the Canadian Senior Team and will compete in X-Strut.

Amy Batarla is a member of the Canadian Senior Team and will compete in her 2 favourite events: Solo and Rhythmic Twirl. She is also the alternate for 2-Baton.

Along with these individual representatives, our combined team Starstruck (consisting of Amy, Lindsay, Megan C., Megan W., and Stephanie from Stars United and Bailey, Mackenzie, and Christina from Superstars) was named the Team Canada Junior Dance Twirl and will represent our country in Switzerland in April 2012! When coaches and athletes and parents come together for the LOVE of something, for the purpose of bonding and growing together--GREAT THINGS WILL HAPPEN!

After all of the excitement from the Canadian National Championships and Team Trials, we were off south of the border to return to AYOP at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, USA.

Our first day led us to see Stars United have their BEST team day EVER at AYOP. Our Sr Sm Dance Twirl "Will You Be There" and our Jr Lg Dance Twirl "Because We Can" both had amazing 1-drop routines and took home World Open Silver Medals!

Our Mini Starstruck team in a VERY hard group of Pre-Teens finished amazingly 9th out of 22 teams!

Stars United also had a Pre-Teen Team "Proud Mary" in this division and took home the World Open Title! Our Jr Sm Dance Twirl "Shake Your Groove" had an amazing no drop performance and also was named World Open Champions!

Team day ended with our Team Canada Starstuck competing in the difficult Jr Adv Sm category and we were happy to hear them announced as part of the top 5 to compete in the Team Finals!

Our Jr Halftime team "Cops and Robbers" also did an amazing job the following day to place 7th out of 24 teams!

On the last day of teams, we had 2 twirl teams perform - Jr Sm had an amazing performance with great unison and Jr Lg did a great 1-drop routine! These great showings resulted in great placings! Jr Sm is the World Open Silver Medal Winner and Jr Lg was the 3rd SU team to be named World Open Champs that week!

Along with our great team results, our Star girls continued to shine throughout the week with amazing individual results! Here are the SU athletes who placed in their respective divisions - so many!

2-baton: Megan C. (6th), Beth (6th), Malina (Bronze), Jenna (Silver), Megan W. (Silver), Sydney (World Open Champ)!

X-Strut: Megan W. (9th), Megan C. (6th), Malina (6ht), Sydney (4th), Ashley (Silver), Takia (Silver)!

Solo: Takia (9th), Ashley (6th), Megan W. (4th), Jenna (Bronze), Sydney (World Open Champ)!

Duet: Megan C. & Megan W. (9th), and in their first trip to AYOP - Alessia and Mikayla came 4th!

Megan W's placements in both 2-baton and solo also qualified her to represent in the Pre-Teen Twirl-Offs. Outstanding job Megan!

Pageant - Sydney earned a 5th overall in Strut, 10th overall in Solo and 11th overall in modeling to be then named 8th in the OVERALL Pageant! Great job!

For the 1st time we had more than 1 STAR earn a TOP 10 finish in a pageant event: Tanin Monzavi earned a 6th overall in the Modeling caption of the Beginner 13-15 Pageant and Ashley De Angelis earned a 5th overall in the Strut portion of the Beginner 13-15 pageant!

All the pageant girls improved greatly on their placements, and I hope they will see where and how they improved and set even bigger goals next year!

It will be TOUGH to follow a season like this but I also know our STARS love to OUTDO even themselves! I look forward to seeing what new routines will be created. I also look forward to introducing NEW STARS to our family and I look forward to setting new goals in September!

If you would like to be a star - check out our registration page and come out to our open house on Thursday September 8, 2011 from 7-8pm at Richvale C.C. in Richmond Hill. We look forward to meeting you!

Satyne Ward, Technical Director